Hair Salon + Bridal & Event Styling by Katie March
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A Little Bio

I've always wanted to create things, make things, and build things. Through a lot of soul searching, mind changing, and loopy loo thought processes, I am pleased to say I've been a Hairdresser for ten years. In 2006 I was 21 years old and was in need of a heavy lifestyle change. When the realization came to me, I packed up as much stuff I could carry and moved to North Carolina. Having never been in the city I settled upon, it was a bit of a shock, but I was ready for fresh days ahead. I worked many different jobs even by age 21, and I was so ready to get into something creative. Being I was the complete opposite of a glam gal growing up, I didn’t give much thought to the beauty industry before, little thought, but not much. The only little thought I did give it was hair always intrigued me. I remember wanting to put hair on my canvases and paint over it in my high school painting class. Luckily a few years after high school, I discovered that the art of hair styling would be a wonderful fit for me.  My interest in updos stems from my love of sculpture, and I love to call them my little sculptures. Between all the avenues hairdressing has to offer, color, hair sculpture, or molding a new haircut, its been a beautiful field to work with.

About a year into my new location, it was time to make another plunge. I attended Aveda Institute to break into the cosmetology world. Following that, I apprenticed at a salon in Raleigh, and moved on to working behind the chair. Fashion shows and photo-shoots excited me most in the beginning years, and I felt that I could really run free with my creativity.  During my ten years of experience, I have grown so much with the help of my amazing clientele, and incredibly talented stylists that I have shared space and ideas with throughout the years.

Along with color and haircuts as mentioned above, I have a huge focus on wedding, event, and editorial styling. I still create paintings and currently striving to gather enough works for a gallery showing.

Aside from my career and hobbies of creating, I speak of here, I am opening up about my story of domestic violence in my past. I began blogging about the process of healing from it throughout the years. Although I am in the beginning stages of blogging, my writings about the process and progress can be found on my Pinterest link below. I named it ‘Can Freely Ponder’ and one day soon I hope to have it on this very site. The goal of writing this is to help build awareness and understanding of domestic violence as well as communicate emotionally with fellow survivors.

Thank you for taking the time to read some tidbits about me.

I hope to be graced by your presence in the ‘Hair Chair’ one day soon.


The Crow & I

This has been our first year of marriage and 5 years together. My favorite pictures will always be our Halloween ones!


Best Day Ever

Just had to add a wedding day pic!


The greatest ball of fluff & love

Our obsession we cant wait to get home to is right before your eyes. Sweet, tiny as can be, scared of his own shadow, and the best kitty baby ever!